Launch a Successful Credit Card Program

A-1 Capital Solutions has consumer finance options that can be integrated with your business to give customers more ways to pay. We assist businesses of all sizes and types in launching a successful credit card program that creates more opportunities for your business and your customers.

Benefits for Customers and Your Business

Consumer financing is good for your company and for your customer. You build brand awareness and establish customer loyalty. By providing financing options for your customers, you increase your customer base and encourage repeat business. Your customers get:

  • Secure, dependable financial services
  • Online payments
  • Quick application process
  • E-signature capabilities

Our consumer finance options take you out of the debt collection business and let you focus on your business. We provide training and program enactment. You will even have tools that let you make special offers to your customers. We have worked with many different types of businesses, from education, retail, medical, travel and more giving customers quick decisions and paying your business within a few days.

Call Us For More Information

Get your questions about consumer finance answered with you call us for a free, no-obligation consultation about fitting this product into your business. We want to show you how you can grow and expand through a successful program that provides consumers different opportunities to pay.