Use Purchase Order Financing to Fulfill Big Orders and Stay Ahead of the Game

As the owner of a distribution company, you know that orders can be large and sudden. Without the working capital to complete the orders, you lose valuable clients. A-1 Capital Solutions provides purchase order financing options to help you get on top of your large orders and stay there. Our services are available for many types of businesses, including:

  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centers
  • Resellers
  • Producers
  • Wholesalers

Benefits of Purchase Order Loans

The most important benefit of financing via your purchase orders is the option to grow your business without sacrificing your equity or incurring further bank debt. There are many other benefits as well. By fulfilling large orders for your customers on time, you not only boost your profits but also gain a reputation for being dependable. Bettering your reputation will likely bring in more clients. In addition to expanding your market share, purchase order loans are fast and flexible.

How It Works

Purchase order financing is quite simple. When you receive a large order, apply for financing. If approved, we’ll pay your suppliers directly to ensure you can fulfill the order. You can then repay the loan via invoice factoring or by paying in full once your client pays.

Learn more about purchase order loans today. Contact the financial experts at A-1 Capital Solutions now.